Many great trends start with a muse, so it should come as no surprise where the inspo came from for this idea. “I created the shadow highlights look with Beyoncé,” explains Hazan. “Shadow highlights are the strategic placement of multidimensional, sun-kissed highlights that are made to accent a cut and or style. This technique gives hair the illusion of being full and thick. I lightened her base to make it a toffee blonde with ribbons of sun-kissed bright highlights. I focused on framing her face with brighter highlights and blended the same highlights this time throughout her hair. I also placed highlights underneath so when Beyoncé wears a ponytail, there’s a bright effect that is continuous throughout the entire look.”

It’s an adaptable look that works well for so many hair colors—not just blondes or those with lighter brunette strands. “It gives a bright color impression without a lot of damage,” Hazan adds. “Your hair appears to be thicker by doing fewer highlights and making it multidimensional. No matter what your color is, it will brighten up your face and hair.” If you’re interested in channeling your inner Beyoncé and trying the look for yourself, there are a few things to tell your colorist. “I would ask your colorist to do foils framing the face and hairline and highlight some throughout depending on the cut and style. The highlights should not be too chunky or fine—more like somewhere in the middle. Lastly, highlight some ends to pull it all together. A little goes a long way in the actual highlight.”

Hazan also recommends a few hero products to help maintain your look. For those, keep scrolling below plus a few of our own color-care favorites.

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