“When you’re in the moment and you only have a leaf on, it’s nerve-wracking,” Jacob explained. “Because this leaf could easily turn into a full-blown tree.”

Shanae and Jacob proceeded to make out almost instantaneously. 

The first date card of the season went to Andrew Spencer, also from Katie’s season, who invited Teddi Wright, also from Clayton’s season, on a one-on-one date. The two had a cute, if slightly awkward, conversation over dinner, but it ultimately led to them kissing in a hot tub that was made to look like a margarita. Ah, true love.

Back on the beach, Genevieve and Justin gave it another shot, post-narwhal. Genevieve told Justin that it didn’t seem like he was interested in her, to which he responded, “Do actions speak louder than words,” and started to kiss her. The two spent all night together, including a late night hot tub make out session, although their hot tub was, sadly, not shaped like an alcoholic beverage. 

The most dramatic events of the premiere, however, were saved for Romeo Alexander from Michelle’s season and Kira Mengistu and Jill Chin, both from Clayton’s season. After Kira continuously tried intervening whenever Romeo and Jill had time alone, Romeo eventually pleaded with Kira, “If you can let me pursue Jill in peace, that would be great.”

Kira agreed, begrudgingly, but she and Jill still had some issues to get off their respective chests, so they decided to have a one-on-one conversation on the beach.

“First of all, what is your f–king problem with me?” Kira started the conversation without hesitation. “Why are you avoiding me every single time I come up to you? Have I done anything to you?”

Jill responded, “You’re interrupting Romeo and I. It’s intentional and I know it.” But Kira wasn’t having it, as the health professional said she was being “gaslit” and alleged that Jill was “slut shaming” her. 

Exasperated, Jill eventually screamed, “What’s going on? You’re a physician!”

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