April 16, 2022

Your closest alliances come into focus starting on Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra illuminates your seventh house of important relationships. The coming two weeks could bring clarity about the future of your most vital connections. Entangled in an ambiguous romantic situationship? Push to establish some ground rules in the coming days, whether this means officializing a blossoming bond or going your separate ways. Professional partnerships also get a boost, so don’t be afraid to draw up those contracts! If you’ve been having trouble making a major decision recently, this lunar lift gives you the motivation to finally jump off that fence! And remember: The key ingredient to ALL successful relationships is clear communication. Are the two of you on the same page about long term objectives? If the answer is “no,” start that dialogue! On Sunday, the moon glides into Scorpio and your intimate eighth house. A little “me time” is in order, so carve out time to pursue a personal passion or to deep-dive into a topic of fascination.

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