Marquette University Law School’s latest survey underscores the jarring reality that Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s repeated failure to represent and advocate for Wisconsinites in Washington is quickly catching up with him.

According to the survey, 50% of Wisconsin voters believe that Johnson does not care “about people like me.”

A related survey question determined that Johnson is viewed unfavorably by 46% of Wisconsin voters, while just 36% view him favorably.

Johnson’s favorability deficit is nothing new, as he’s been underwater for months. A January – March Morning Consult survey released this week similarly found that 51% of Wisconsin voters disapprove of Johnson, while just 37% approve of him (good for the second-most unpopular Senator in the country, after Mitch McConnell).

Why do Wisconsinites believe Johnson is doing a bad job and doesn’t care about them? Well… how much time do you have?

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