There are 8 million jobs in America currently unfilled. We are harming our economy because we don’t have enough workers to produce the products and services we demand. With 3 1/2 million baby boomers retiring each year, those unfilled jobs are only going to increase.

Where will the workers come from? We can grow our own, but it would take 20 to 25 years before they’re ready to join the workforce. Or we could import workers who would love to live and work in America.

Comprehensive immigration reform would allow us to bring in the citizens/workers we need while protecting us from the people who mean us harm. We haven’t had comprehensive immigration reform since the days of President Ronald Reagan.

Our politicians don’t want to solve this problem because they prefer to demagogue and fundraise from this critical issue. Both political parties benefit from keeping immigration a “hot button” political issue. It is about time we the people demand they fix this issue now.


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