Have you ever followed someone on Instagram for so long that you feel like you’re practically friends—even though you’ve never met IRL and they have no idea who you are? Well, that’s the case for me with Amber Fillerup Clark. Our “friendship” began years ago when I was in need of some serious hair inspiration. I came across her page in the early days of Instagram, where she shared images and tutorials of intricate braids that made up 99% of my Pinterest boards. As someone who was (and TBH, still is) terrible at doing hair, I thought she encompassed the term “hair goals.” 

Flash-forward years later, and Amber is now a mom of (almost) four kids and the founder of two beloved brands: BFB Hair and DAE, a clean haircare line inspired by the desert landscape of her home state, Arizona. For Amber, creating two beauty brands was a natural progression from her childhood. “Since I was a young girl, I always loved doing my friends’ or my sister’s hair and makeup and would make them take pictures with me,” explains Amber. It only makes sense that she later went on to hair school.

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