'Moye Moye': All You Need To Know About The Viral Trend Taking Internet By Storm

The correct enunciation of the lyrics is ‘Moye More’ and not ‘Moye Moye’.

If you are an ardent social media user you must have come across the viral ‘Moye Moye’ trend by now. This viral sensation originated from a Serbian song that gained massive traction on TikTok and subsequently spread to various social media platforms. Basically, the hit song ‘Moye More’, officially released by the name ‘Dzanum’, by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora is what everyone on social media is talking about. The catchy melody has amassed over 57 million views on YouTube, accompanied by thousands of pop culture references. 

The lyrics of the song hint at anguish, despair and nightmares. However, in India, the Instagram reels on the song differ as they are mostly humorous, with elements of laughter and enjoyment. 

What is ‘Moye Moye’ trend? 

The viral song’s infectious nature, characterised by simple and repetitive lyrics, allows anyone to easily lip-sync along. Therefore, the phrase ‘moye moye’, which is the recurring element in the song, has been adapted across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It’s worth noting that the correct enunciation of the lyrics is ‘Moye More’ but the viral trend employs ‘Moye Moye’ due to its irresistible nature of the beat. 

Though the song might be about nightmares and soul, people on social media are having fun in their own way and creating interesting content. The Instagram reels, featuring the song, are mostly about one character who is devoid of a body part. But when someone points out and realises the missing hand or leg, the rest of the characters break into a ‘Moye Moye’. 

The entire trend gained popularity in the nation notably after India was defeated in the World Cup 2023 final against Australia. After the heartbreaking match, the trend skyrocketed with netizens sharing more World Cup-related videos. 

According to Know Your Meme, “The song is often used as a sound effect in dramatic, sad or emotional memes, with the sound gaining viral prominence on Bangladeshi meme pages in October 2023. The original song was released in March 2023, and the chorus translates to ‘My nightmares.'”

The hit track was written by Teya Dora in collaboration with Serbian rapper Slobodan Velkovic Coby.

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