Like most of us in 2020, Rowe found herself with a lot of downtime during lockdown. But, instead of using that time for a serious Netflix binge (guilty), she decided to take the leap and start her own inclusive personal care brand. “NTRL By Sabs was something I wanted to do for a very long time but I guess I was working up the nerve to do it,” says Rowe. “I’ve always loved the science behind beauty and I really wanted to do something that I felt had an honest purpose. There are a lot of products out there already so I wanted to do something I hadn’t found in one brand alone yet—clean, multi-use, texture-forward, genderless, and eco-friendly personal care products that are luxurious and actually work.”

This ethos, along with the fact that Rowe’s first products were designed with textured hair in mind are what initially got me excited about the brand. She wanted to make sure her very first offerings supported hair like her own. After all, having written about beauty myself for a while, I began to realize that there are so many products out there that claim to be for “all hair types,” but their formulas don’t support natural hair at all—on some occasions, they would actually leave my hair even more dry.

Curly and coily hair types just need a lot more moisture than other hair types and NTRL By Sabs products are loaded with curl-nourishing ingredients like rose oil, sunflower, moringa, and hibiscus extract. She chose these ingredients after a lot of research. “I’d been studying natural hair and skincare formulation as a hobby and it slowly became apparent that I could actually pull off starting my own brand. I really had the time in 2020 to pull everything together to launch, so I did. I thought if I couldn’t offer services anymore, I wanted to be able to provide my clients with something to keep their hair and skin healthy,” she shares.

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