For Alison Brie, falling down on the playground almost changed everything.
During the May 11 episode of HypochondriActor podcast, the 37-year-old recalled experiencing a freak accident at age 7 when she fell and hit the back of her head on concrete.
“I was a really petite kid [and] I was just running across the playground and not looking, and I bumped into another little girl in my class, who was like four times bigger than me,” the Community alum recalled, adding that her older sister Lauren was there and assisted to her to the nurse’s office, “Thank God.”
“As I’m walking up to the nurse’s office, I just feel a little out of it,” she continued. “I clearly had a concussion. But I don’t know this at seven or eight, but I just feel out of it and foggy, but I can still see.”
Since the nurse was already out of office for the day, Allison explained that staff came up with an alternative solution.

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