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Alessandra Ambrosio, 41, is getting festive ahead of the 4th of July weekend! The stunning Brazilian model shared sizzling snapshots of herself in a red, white, and blue bikini on July 1 as she relaxed waterside in Turkey. She showed off her makeup-free face in the first of a series of three photos, which also gave a peek at her behind, which was beautifully accentuated with her thong string bikini bottoms. The second photo gave a glimpse of her tanned legs and the water surrounding her, while the last was another beautiful selfie. “‘It’s the summer of our lives; we’ll contain it for a while … She holds the heat, the breeze of the summer in the circle of her hand … I’d be happy with this summer if it’s all we ever had’,” she wrote alongside the carousel. The quote came from Maggie Stiefvater, an American writer known for her fantasy novels The Wolves of Mercy Falls and The Raven Cycle.

Alessandra has been vacationing at the beautiful waterside resort of D Maris Bay in Turkey, which is located off the Datça Peninsula. She arrived at the beginning of the week and marked the occasion with a gorgeous selfie in a yellow bikini. The crystal-clear waters of the beach resort were seen behind her and in later snapshots in the slideshow. “This week’s office…” the model wrote with the pretty pictures.

Several other snapshots of the dreamy vacation followed, giving a glimpse into the model’s life of luxury. In the next post on her Instagram page, Alessandra slipped into a naughty sailor girl outfit, which consisted of a super short white pleated skirt and a matching cropped sweater that was outlined with nautical blue and red stitching. The outfit appeared to be worn in a photoshoot for Miu Miu, a high-fashion brand from Italy. “Changing room,” Alessandra captioned the steamy photo, adding the hashtags, “#bts” and “miumiu”.

Alessandra then shared a gorgeous photo of herself leaning on a railing in front of the water. She wore a red bikini top underneath a red, white, and orange tie-dye shorts and crop top set. The shirt was left open but tied at her waist, giving her bikini top a chance to shine. She also included some pictures of the delicious-looking food she ate on her trip, which included pasta and lobster.

Alessandra gave fans a super intimate look at her enviable trip with a short video she shared on Thursday. The video, which was set to Harry Style‘s “As It Was”, showed aerial footage of the peninsula as Alessandra flew over it, farmland, more views of the gorgeous waters at D Maris Bay and some of her meals, her boat anchored in a cove, and the model cheerfully dancing with friends. “Living days in paradise,” she captioned the video. The model clearly had an incredible week at the “office”!

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