The tactics are the same around the world.  The globalists accuse nationalist candidates of wrongdoing at the most important times.

Last week Marine Le Pen was looking at being the new President of France.  Le Pen did so well in the recent election that she won a seat in a two-person runoff against the current President, Emmanuel Macron.

TGP reported on this on April 10th.

French Elections: Nationalist Candidate Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Macron will Move on to Second Round

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The race in France was very close, but since no candidate won more than 50% of the vote, the top two candidates go to a runoff.

The globalists must be worried.  Like others in the past, the globalists will do anything for power.  They have to have it, they need it.

In the 2016 Election in the US, Hillary accused President Trump of having connections to the Russians.  It was all made up.  We know this now.  At the time Hillary’s team was actually going to the FBI and CIA and embedding garbage stories and data on this matter.  After President Trump won the election he was hounded by this false story his entire term up and to this day.

Now the globalists are doing the same thing in France.  Only a week before the France election, Marine Le Pen is being accused of crimes she utterly refutes.

The Daily Mail reports:

Would-be President of France Marine Le Pen was tonight at the centre of a major criminal fraud enquiry – after she and senior colleagues were accused of stealing more than half-a-million pounds from the European Union.

EU investigators have accused Le Pen, 53, and her own father Jean-Marie Le Pen, 93, of embezzling some €620,000 (£513,000) on behalf of their party, the far-Right National Rally.

The allegations were made public on Sunday – exactly a week before Ms Le Pen goes head-to-head against Emmanuel Macron to choose France’s new president.

‘Marine Le Pen is dismayed,’ said her lawyer, Rodolphe Bosselut, who said the timing of the release appeared to be deeply political.

Mr Bosselut accused Olaf, the EU’s anti-fraud agency, of dragging up ‘old facts that are more than ten years old’.

He added: ‘Marine Le Pen contests this. She contests it without having had access to the details of the accusations. It’s a manipulation, and unfortunately, I’m not surprised.’

It followed Mediapart, the Paris-based investigative news outlet, publishing the 116-page Olaf report into the fraud claims.

We’ll have to see if this bogus tactic still works for those who demand power. 


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