In the last few years, I’ve had to rewire the entire part of my brain that’s dealt with colors, specifically, the art of combining them. Growing up, there were so many pairings that fashion made out to be undesirable if only because they clashed. Wearing them together was as much a sartorial sin as wearing white after Labor Day (another rule I’ve since thrown out). But nowadays, those once-forbidden combinations are the exact ones I’m drawn to most, from neutrals like brown and gray to bolder duets like purple and green. 

Now that I’ve given up every last morsel of trained disdain for unexpected or clashing color pairings, I’m much more open to them, so when I see them on the runways or in my Instagram feed, I don’t look away but rather save them for later inspiration. I want to wear red with gold, brown, and gray, but I’m also not scared to style the trending color with even louder shades like pink. I embrace it, and so do fashion people all over the world, from Copenhagen to Paris. See for yourself by scrolling through the nine oddly satisfying color combinations that the style crowd wears on repeat.

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