collage of spring 2023 evening wear trend: full circle gown


Courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra; Courtesy of Carolina Herrera; Courtesy of Schiaparelli; Courtesy of Valentino

Unless you are royalty or have a fairy godmother, chances are you don’t have an old gown in the back of your closet that you can pull out on a whims notice for special occasions. In such a moment, there’s one style you can rely on to ensure you look and feel your best for the evening: the full circle-skirt gown. Beyond being the defining silhouette for fictional (and real) princesses alike, the formality of this style makes it the ideal choice for white-tie or black-tie affairs. Of course, because this shape has been the go-to look for formal attire for centuries, it can sometimes feel “dated.” 

Luckily, designers whisked their wands for their spring/summer 2023 collections and effectively made full-circle gowns feel fresher. That magic is apparent in different ways; for example, at Bibhu Mohapatra, a black strapless column gown had a skirt adorned with sequins and a contrasting white full skirt layered over it to create an almost cape-like feel. While at Carolina Herrera, a black gown was given a dramatic flare using a semi-sheer full-circle tulle skirt. At the same time, we saw the silhouette given a more subtle, yet still striking, twist through dramatic pleats and velvet floral print (see: Valentino and Schiaparelli’s collections). Though each had its own distinct touches, each circled back to what’s made this style so popular for so long; its ability to make the wearer feel like royalty (even if they’re not). 

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