While they are known for being the OG “dad” sneakers, it’s no secret that New Balance sneakers are also a key buy in the closets of the most in-the-know fashion people. If you need further proof, just look to the tagline of a recent New Balance campaign that reads: “Worn in supermodels in London and dad in Ohio.” Equally popular with Jerry Seinfeld and Bella Hadid, the comfortable-meets-cool sneakers have gained a huge cult following over the last several years, making popular styles including the 550s, 993s, and special collaborations with Aimé Leon Dore near impossible to buy.

If you’re able to get your hands on a pair, though, fashion people have plenty of New Balance outfits to look to for styling inspiration. From casual outfits with jeans to looks for the tennis court to exactly what to wear on the airplane, there is no shortage of cool ideas. Ahead, see the cool sneaker looks that feel very 2022.

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