People-watching is my passion. When I’m asked what my hobbies are, I have to hold myself back from saying sitting on a bench in Washington Square Park and just taking it all in. But it’s true, the greatest highlight of moving to New York City has to be the people. Even the ones that you never interact with can make such a mark on you. Nothing influences me more than an effortlessly chic stranger.

I recently saw a pair of shoes that I had admired from afar but never thought to purchase due to a hefty price tag. A very Parisienne-esque woman walked past me in them and the next day they were in my living room. Overarching trends in New York City tend to find their way into my closet in the exact same manner. Today I’m going to take you on a stroll with me through my favorite city by sharing the wardrobe staples that I’ve been seeing the most lately. Prepare to be amused.

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