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Back with another try on today! (Whew! Two in one week? Who am I!) This time, sharing a handful of items I purchased from ShopBop recently that I think you’re also going to love! Including a couple date night tops, some new sunglasses, and the famous A.Golde Riley jeans and A.Golde Parker Long shorts…and more.

Let’s jump in! (FYI, I’ll also be sharing a try-on over on my Instagram stories!)

A trendy, but versatile summer top that is SO cute for date night, but can also be dressed down with a pair of jean shorts and some cute flat sandals! (Like these, for example–are longtime favorites of mine!) I love the exaggerated puff sleeve that can be worn on or off the shoulder, the subtle sweetheart neckline, and the cutouts at the sides! (I’m wearing this sticky bra, but if you don’t wear off the shoulder you could likely get away with a regular bra!)

Sizing: TTS: wearing small.

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I FINALLY bit the bullet and got the infamous A.Golde Riley crops to test drive. (I mean, for the sake of…investigative journalism, let’s call it.) Unfortunately for my wallet, they are, in fact, that great. I would call these a really nice lightweight jean, I’d rate them even thinner (but not in a bad way) than the Levi’s wedgies, making them excellent for summer–I love the cropped length and distressed hem!

Sizing: I got my regular size, 26, but they’re TIGHT. Like, uncomfortably tight at first, but after wearing them around they definitely “break in” so to speak and they’ve started to loosen up. Seeing as I typically buy my jeans looser, I wanted these to be tight for “going out/date night” jeans. I definitely think these run smaller than A.Golde jean shorts. If you want them to be everyday jeans, I would definitely go up a size or even two depending on how relaxed you want them. I know sizing on jeans can be tricky so I’d recommend ordering two sizes and then returning what doesn’t fit, since Shopbop has free Prime shipping and returns!

I’m often asked for good Gucci loafer dupes, and while I don’t think these are “dupes” per say (the horse bit is very different), these are definitely my favorite pair of budget-friendly loafers. I bought them years ago in a leopard print and I have been wanting to buy a different color–it’s just so hard to choose which one! I finally decided on this light cognac/carmel color because I don’t own a light brown loafer and they are SO great. Beautiful in person and so comfortable! Perfect for everything from weekend to work.

Sizing: TTS. I always wear size 8 and these fit perfectly.

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You probably know by now I am a huge Ray Bans girl, but I wanted a pair of “fancier,” trendy sunglasses, and I’m so glad these look as cute in person as they did online! These aren’t cheap, but I don’t think they’re outrageously priced designer sunglasses either. I am a sucker for a cat-eye–while these are “trendy” they feel more “retro Hollywood glam” than “millennial trying to be Gen Z” and that’s right in my wheelhouse, if you know what I mean.

Clearly I am having a moment with the puff sleeve crop? Probably because it’s such a great go-to for a “sexy and trendy, but not too much so” top. The kind I fell great and confident in that doesn’t feel like I’m trying too hard at 33 years old. (Not that there is an age limit on wearing any style that you want–but–you know what I mean.) This top looks GREAT with a pair of high waisted jeans. BOOM. Date night uniform. (I’m wearing this sticky bra with it here)

Sizing: TTS. Wearing a small

You know how much I love the original A.Golde Parker jean shorts–so I had to give the Parker Long style a test-run. It’s phenomenal! If you’ve been wanting cute high waisted jean shorts that are flattering, not tight on the thigh, and a bit longer in length–but not TOO long–I think you’ll love these. It took a long time for me to come around to the idea of “investing” in a pair of jean shorts, but I’ve had the Parkers for years now and have more than gotten my ROI out of them in terms of cost per wear.

Sizing: I ordered my regular size 26 and they are very comfortable. These shorts DO also get looser/break-in with wear.

Same style as above, but in white! I haven’t had a pair of white jean shorts in a LONG time. Why is that!? They’re so cute! I think they can be a nice mix-up from the usual jean shorts. They’re SUPER soft and not see through.

Sizing: Same as above

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Hope this was helpful and turns you on to some great summer staples!

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