I started off this month with a lot of travel. Though I’m based in New York, I spent the past few weeks on the road visiting friends in cities like Mexico City and Los Angeles. While these trips were just for fun and not necessarily for work, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t always keeping an eye out for the latest shopping tip, styling idea, or conversation-starter on the topic of fashion and shopping that could potentially lead to a story right here on Who What Wear. I can’t help but make mental notes on what I observe people wearing wherever I go, and that definitely includes all three cities I’ve spent time in this month.

The overall aesthetic in all three destinations is diverse—people in NYC tend to dress in polished neutrals while L.A. folks have a more relaxed and casual vibe and the residents of CDMX lean funky—but I noticed a few key staples they all held in common. According to my observations, cool basics like big button-down shirts and leather trousers are popular picks in all three places. I saw each of the six items below styled in totally different ways depending on the city but the fact that they popped up all over tells me everyone agrees on them for spring. Keep scrolling to discover and shop them all.

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