Lately, my wardrobe has gone through a complete vibe shift. I have ventured away from cheap thrills and fleeting trends and toward long-lasting and classic pieces. One brand I lean on to serve me this aesthetic is Who What Wear Collection. No, I’m not just saying this because I work here, I’m saying it because it’s a brand that offers expensive-looking pieces at affordable price points which is exactly what I’m looking for. While shopping, I try to avoid anything that looks cheap and feels cheap, no matter how cheap it actually is. I also don’t enjoy spending tons of money on clothes. So, what do I do with this expensive taste and strict budget? I shop for the 5 pieces below. 

As I have navigated through this “vibe shift”, I found that there are 5 key pieces that make any outfit look so expensive. Here, I’ll walk you through my go-to hero pieces for a closet that only looks expensive, plus provide some more affordable pieces that are guaranteed to make you look effortlessly polished no matter how you style them. 

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