The textile industry is responsible for a host of environmental issues, such as excessive water consumption, water and soil pollution, the use of chemicals during plant growth, incorporating plastic into fabrics and much more. When it comes to your bedding selections, you can avoid these toxic practices by choosing natural materials and supporting ethical bedding companies who are taking a stand against the “fast fashion” of bedding with the goals of creating durable, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly bedding for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few brands that have caught our eye.

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It’s in the name, and appropriately so. This bedding company is based out of the U.K. and has earned B-Corp certification. Its products are made from responsibly-sourced, organic natural materials like bamboo and eucalyptus, which are all OEKO TEX 100 and FSC-certified. The company is a member of 1% for the Planet and it plants one tree for each order placed. Additional trees are planted as a carbon offset after each companywide annual carbon emission review.

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Ethical Bedding partners with The Vegan Society and WWF. In addition, Ethical Bedding emails a small donation amount following receipt of each order. The customer can then select from a wide range of causes and choose where they want that donation to go. 

Ethical Bedding review

The company sent a sample pack of products for review, which included a bottom sheet, top sheet, duvet cover, several pillow cases, a bed blanket and an eye mask. This could be a one-word review, which would be luxurious. I may never get out of bed again. In true European fashion, the duvet acts as the top sheet if desired, so it’s made of the same silky-soft eucalyptus as the bottom sheet. It’s like sliding into lotion. This bedding replicates the nicest hotel experience I’ve ever had. If you’re looking to pamper yourself with a clear conscience, this is the bedding for you. 

Moving from eucalyptus to bamboo, Carihola is another favorite ethical bedding brand. The company maintains its own bamboo stand that is organically grown with zero pesticides. One stalk of bamboo can be turned into a single bed sheet, making good use of the fast-growing plants. Carihola puts a focus on durable, long-lasting products and relies on fair trade partners to meet that goal. Because Carihola bedding is made from natural materials, it will biodegrade without releasing any harmful chemicals. 

Carihola bedding review

These sheets are amazing. Carihola sent us a set to try out and my husband wouldn’t let me take them off the bed when it was time for a change. In fact, he gave our old sheets to one of the kids, vowing to sleep in nothing other than Carihola. The sheets are soft, yet have a comforting weight about them. They offer a feel of quality in both the texture and stitching. 

Cozy Earth is widely recognized for its ultra-soft sheets chosen by Oprah to put on her list of Favorite Things in 2018. This is another bamboo-based bedding brand (say that three times fast) that prides itself on its personal connection with its supply chain. Bamboo is manufactured in a closed loop system for efficiency and cost savings. The entire process is chemical free so there is no pollution to the water or air and no exposure for employees. Cozy Earth has materials tested at several stages in the process to ensure its high standards. 

Cozy Earth product review

This company also sent a set of sheets for review. Already having some experience with Cozy Earth clothing, I wasn’t surprised the sheets are top quality as well. The sheet set I received has a lighter weight and somewhat thinner feel compared to the other brands. However, they are very soft and comfortable. They have generous sizing, which is nice with our 18 inches deep mattress and the top sheet provides good coverage with overhang on the sides. 

No personal review for this one, but it’s highly rated and recommended as a top-option for ethical bedding brands, and it’s easy to see why. It’s described as incredibly soft organic bedding made from cotton and linen. This Fair Trade and MADE SAFE certified brand offers GOTS-certified fabrics, meeting standards for at least 95% organic fibers that are void of bleach, formaldehyde and toxic dyes. Bedding is produced in factories with strict human and environmental treatment standards and the company is committed to low-impact packaging and shipping practices. 

Another highly sought after brand I haven’t tried, Kotn products are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and the company is a Certified B Corp. It uses premium natural materials that are sourced directly from the Better Cotton Initiative and small family-run farms in Egypt. The bedding is, therefore, fully biodegradable. It takes great strides to be transparent along all steps of the supply chain. Products are made in fair trade factories and purchases are shipped in recyclable packaging. 

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