Jen Andrews-Cater’s IG feed is consistently filled with fantastic style inspiration that leans into her self-described minimalist aesthetic. On that note, we turn to her on the regular for tips and tricks for those of you who are into that same sort of vibe or simply want cool shopping recommendations.

Andrews-Cater recently shared that she often goes for “boring” trends when creating her simple yet chic outfits. But no, boring doesn’t mean unstylish. The trends in question are more subtle and less statement making but are versatile and highly wearable. In fact, she favors these trends so much that she often tells everyone she knows to test them out when they’re looking for style guidance. 

Keep scrolling to check out a range of trends that are favorites of Andrews-Cater because they’re easy to style, complete with outfit references, insights from her directly, and inspired product picks. 

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