Do you know how some people swear by capsule wardrobes? Well, it could not be me. Not just because I own way too many pairs of shoes, but because I have a secret stash of special occasion dresses. Yes, you read that right, and before you judge me, hear me out. I am always prepared for any sudden invitation that may arise—no matter the dress code, I can pull out a full-length cutout Dion Lee dress or a hot-pink feather cocktail dress and be ready to go. Maybe that makes me a little unhinged, but for those who love the opportunity to dress up for a special occasion, investing in a piece we can pull out on a moment’s notice is worth the money (and closet space).

So if you have yet to find the perfect dress for that upcoming event, don’t fret—I’ve rounded up the 42 best special occasion dresses at every price point. Whether you’re attending a summer wedding, a gala, a baby shower, or are meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, these dresses will work wonders for you and impress everyone in the room.

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