If you scroll through Instagram and TikTok as much as we do, you’ve likely seen the so-called “Sunday reset” trend. These videos feature people cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the coming week. Maybe it’s doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and vacuuming the floor. Maybe it’s writing a to-do list, organizing your desk, and filing away emails. Or, maybe it’s taking an “everything shower,” and getting all your beauty prep done for the week, including exfoliation, shaving, self-tanner, etc. You get the picture.

That last one is what we, as beauty editors, are most interested in. It’s also the one we relate the most to (sometimes, we don’t feel like cleaning our homes or doing extra work—we just want to engage in some serious self-care). Since everyone’s Sunday resets are unique and personal, we thought we’d share our favorite products to use in our own routines. From hair treatments to self-tanners and beyond, these products make us feel our best and prepare us so we can be as low-maintenance as possible for the busy week ahead.

Associate social media editor Emma Hughes

Emma’s Must-Have “Sunday Reset” Beauty Products

Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor

Beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock

Kaitlyn’s Must-Have “Sunday Reset” Beauty Products

Associate Beauty Editor, Shawna Hudson

Beauty editor Shawna Hudson

Shawna’s Must-Have “Sunday Reset” Beauty Products

Beauty Director Erin Jahns

Beauty director Erin Jahns

Erin’s Must-Have “Sunday Reset” Beauty Products

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