In taking stock of my latest shoe collection, I’ve come to realize that I have been reaching less and less for what used to be my go-to: plain, white, minimalist low sneakers. While my love and appreciation for the classic style will always be there, I have been opting for more retro-style sneakers in their place. This can most definitely be attributed to the rise of “dad sneakers” that we have seen over recent years. There are four styles in particular that I have been wearing on heavy rotation.

One sneaker trend, which happens to be my favorite at the moment, is all about the resurgence of ’90s Adidas classics like the Samba and the Gazelle styles—I would own a pair in every color of the rainbow if I could. Another trend I can’t get enough of lately revolves around the array of great New Balance running sneakers. These sporty kicks give any look a cool touch. Scroll on to check out more of the sneaker trends I am living in this season plus outfit inspiration for how pull off each style.

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