If you’re like me, you find unrivaled levels of joy from digging through the seemingly endless pages of online retail hot spots like Shopbop. During my latest window shopping adventure, I stumbled upon the holy grail of affordable yet pretty bags— the site’s “under $300” bag section. When I began to scroll through, you cannot imagine the excitement that started to build when I quickly realized how many solid bag options were available for less than $300 (including some designer handbags too).

Are you in need of a work tote to lug around your laptop, notebook, and other work documents? Are you dying to diversify your handbag collection without going broke? For your shopping pleasure, I went through and selected some pieces that caught my attention. Some bags are in line with the latest trends while others selected are cute and functional. Perhaps you need a gift for someone special. No matter the reason, season or need I’ve found a bag for to fulfill your needs. Ahead shop the wide-variety of amazing under $300 bags on Shopbop.

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