Die-hard Nordstrom shoppers know the site’s drop-down menus can transport you to all sorts of highly specific product curations (“Cabincore“, anyone?). If you’re anything like me, you’re maybe after something a bit less… specific. More casually dialed in. “Gently on-trend”, if you will—the kind of clothing and accessories that feel intentional and nod to the current state of fashion, only without completely smashing you over the head with it.

Nordstrom is currently overflowing with such quietly cool pieces—more than enough to warrant a spot on Nordstrom’s homepage, but in lieu of that, I’m giving them their own story. If you’re also interested in just nudging some of winter’s top trends such as velvetpatent leather, and metallics in an effortless, easy-to-wear way, but otherwise sticking to the quiet luxury vibe that’s defining 2023 (and, it’s fair to say, 2024), these low-key cool picks are definitely for you. 

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