Do you ever start shopping and realize that you don’t just want one or two items but suddenly crave an entire wardrobe overhaul? Because, same. Recently, I’ve come across so many strong pieces in the market that I started envisioning a whole new wardrobe with these chic updates. While trendier picks are usually what I’m excited to jump on, it’s the more classic wardrobe basics that have really caught my eye lately and are making me consider replacing the very versions in my own closet.

These aren’t just your plain tanks or jeans. No, the items I’m about to showcase here each have something special about them that sets them apart from the basics you’ve seen time and again. Think the perfect lived-in ’90s-fit denim, Instagram-worthy Balenciaga mules, and repeatable trousers. I’m fully obsessed with these cool finds and I think you will be, too. Scroll down to shop all my favorite new classics.

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