It’s inevitable that I’m most inclined to shop at the start of a new season. There’s just so much new stuff, and it’s likely that I just cleaned out my drawers and closet for a fresh start going into the changing season. So it’s time to replenish. And I don’t mean just fashion items—my beauty-product collection is also getting an overhaul for fall, so I’m sharing those items on my wish list as well.

The only sad thing about this roundup is that I can’t have everything on my list of wants, but at least I’m not selfishly keeping it to myself. Below, you’ll find my fall dream bag, a stunning face palette I just added to my collection, a Zara maxi skirt I just tried on (and think everyone should order), and much, much more. Enjoy, and have a very happy (and stylish) fall. I hope this list of new items to try makes it even just a little bit happier.

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