When Carrie Bradshaw declared that shopping is her cardio, I felt it on a visceral level. Sure, most of the shopping I do doesn’t involve entering an IRL store and happens to be online, but I think the idea still applies. The rabbit hole of scrolling, the excitement at the sight of a great find, the adrenaline rush of hitting “add to cart”—it may not be traditional cardio, but I’d say it gets my heartbeat up.

As someone who shops online quite a lot (it is my job, after all), I sometimes feel like I’ve seen it all. When you review thousands of items a day, it takes a lot for one to really stand out. But that’s just what the below 29 pieces have done. They’ve managed to impress me, a picky fashion editor, for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a fresh take on a current trend, a stunning colorway, or an expensive-looking silhouette. Either way, the items in this edit are what I’m calling hidden gems. It would take you hours of scrolling to find them, but in my experience, it was well worth the effort. Consider this my short list of the coolest things I’ve seen in the past few weeks.

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