What are the most common under-eye complaints?

“First and foremost people complain about dark circles,” says Dr. Lal. “Dark circles are multifactorial and can be due to loss of fat from aging, veins that are creating that dark appearance under the skin, and/or hyperpigmentation from chronic rubbing. After dark circles, the next big complaint is wrinkling and crepeyness. This is due to skin thinning as we age. Sun damage also contributes to skin thinning.”

Can under-eye patches really help with these issues?

“Patches can offer some minimal to modest improvement so it’s important to have the right expectations,” says Dr. Ibrahimi. “However, these are usually fairly well tolerated and come with minimal risk.” Dr. Lal adds: “The under-eye area is an area that needs procedures. Filler, neuromodulators, fractional ablative resurfacing, and or picosecond lasers are needed to truly make your under-eye issues better.”

Are there ingredients people should look for when trying to treat puffiness or dark circles?

“Yes there are a variety of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, caffeine, green tea and niacinaminde,” says Dr. Ibrahimi.
“Other A growth factor serum is also helpful, though these are usually in cream form not patches. Ingredients like retinol or vitamin c can also help but beware these may be more irritating.” If you’re looking for some gold under-eye patches, beware that some people can find them sensitizing. “Gold can actually cause hyperpigmentation and some people can be allergic to gold,” warns Dr. Lal.

Is there a way to make under-eye patches more effective?

“Yes, applying them before bedtime and sleeping with them allows many uninterrupted hours of application where the ingredients will work,” says Dr. Ibrahimi.

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