Full disclosure: I’m a fashion editor, but you could say that one of my passion projects is trying new beauty products. And luckily, Who What Wear gives me an avenue to do so from time to time. We have several incredible beauty editors on our staff, and I readily take their product advice (after all, they get to try every new release there is). I guess working with beauty editors has rubbed off on me, because sometimes people ask me for my best beauty product advice, and I gladly oblige.

Between my old favorites and the slew of new products I’ve tried recently, there are many in my rotation lately that I really need to tell someone about. I can speak to each of these 21 products from personal experience, and many are new, hot-off-the-press favorites of mine. I’m always open to trying the latest and greatest, as the ingredients and science behind beauty products continues to evolve.

With that, scroll to shop my current beauty favorites, and find out why I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about them.

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