It’s safe to say that the coziest place in the world is your bed. There’s that saying, after all: “Invest in your shoes and your sheets, because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” We’re not not working on our sneaker rotation, but now’s definitely the optimal time to reinvest in linens. Over the past two years, our mattress tops have transformed into makeshift offices, kitchen tabletops, movie theaters, and of course, sleeping locations, so transforming your bed into the coziest spot ever is a no-brainer. But first, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves…what makes sheets so soft?

What should you look for when buying new sheets?

There are a few personal choices you need to make: fiber, budget, and most importantly, your personal preference. Also, are you a hot sleeper or a cold one? Do you prefer a satiny finish, or something a little more matte? Do you stick to pristine white sheets, or want to rely on a brand with funkier options? You can take the traditional route with natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk, but modern miracles like eucalyptus, bamboo, and Tencel might be more your speed (we’ll get to that later). For almost all fabrics, you also have the option to go organic, which is an important choice to make since you’re sleeping on this surface every night. Take all of this into account before you add to cart.

What material is best for you?

Cotton: Egyptian cotton is known as the Rolls-Royce of bed sheets. In order for it to be certified, it should be made of cotton derived from the plant Gossypium barbadense, which is grown in Egypt. But you don’t need to stick to that when it comes to soft sheets. Supima and pima are other cottons regarded for being cozy. Then you can look at different cotton weave types, which affect the way the fabric looks. Percale is a criss-cross weave that is a little denser, so it’s durable and softens nicely over time, while sateen offers a silkier finish. And while thread count used the be the way to determine quality sheets—it measures the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric—it’s no longer the standard used for finding great sheets, as quality varies greatly. In other words, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean better quality.

Best for: Year-round use. Sensitive skin.

Linen: Once summer rolls around, we like to swap in our cooler, breathable sheets, and linen is a classic. You might think that the heavy weave might not feel soft against your skin, but linen is the golden ticket to owning your set for life. With each wash, linen gets softer and lovelier.

Best for: Hotter sleepers. Summer use.

Silk: If you are looking for a ridiculously lavish option, try silk. Ideal for those looking to push their budget, most 100 percent options tend to start around $300 (although we found this one from Lilysilk for only $155 for a twin fitted sheet). If a full sheet set isn’t the right price point for you, we highly recommend swapping out your pillowcases for silkier styles. Shop our guide to silk pillowcases here.

Best for: Luxurious sleeping. Not great for those who sweat, but incredible for your skin and hair.

Tencel/Eucalyptus: Tencel and eucalyptus sheets are a little interchangeable these days. While tencel is made from the wood cellulose of trees, sometimes eucalyptus is made using the singular source. They’re both rayon fabrics, which can be chemically treated, but because they derive from “recovered or regenerated fiber,” they’re neither natural nor synthetic. In any event, they’re considered to be sustainable options since they’re not made in a factory, and use less water to produce.

Best for: Hot sleepers and environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Jersey: This is usually the top budget-friendly pick. A knit fabric that can be 100 percent cotton or a hybrid, jersey keeps you nice and warm. Think of it as sweatpants for your mattress, except they’re a little stretchier and tend to be wrinkle-resistant.

Best for: Your wallet, college students, and staying warm.

Flannel: Are you cold just reading this article? Flannel is the one for you. The thicker material—which can be made of cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics—will keep you toasty all night long.

Best for: Cool sleepers, winter use.

Microfiber: This poly blend is not going to be the most breathable material, but it can be very practical. It’s easy to wash and doesn’t wrinkle, and won’t stain easily either. Still, the tight weave is relatively soft and can be a great affordable pick.

Best for: Kids, budgets, eating in bed.

Now that we provided all the information you need to find what works best for you, let’s start shopping, shall we? We rounded up 18 sets of the best-reviewed, editor-approved sheets that are so soft, you’ll finally go to bed early.


    On-Trend Prints

    Luxe Core Sheet Set

    As someone who buys white fitted sheets in bulk, Brooklinen is my favorite. But they make equally amazing printed styles, many of which might be recognizable thanks to their Instagram-friendly aesthetic.


    Best Jersey on Amazon

    Jersey Knit Sheets

    Over 5,200 reviewers agree that these jersey sheets are it. Many claim that they are surprisingly breathable and don’t make them sweat, but still keep them warm in the winter. However, some say that you should avoid them if you have a deep-pocketed mattress.


    For That Warm Instagram Aesthetic

    Woodrose linen sheet set (4 pcs)

    These dreamy linen sheets were practically made for selfies, and they just happen to be made from 100 percent European flax that is OEKO-TEX certified, too.


    100 Percent Eucalyptus

    100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

    For eucalyptus sheets that come with Prime shipping, try this well-reviewed set on Amazon.


    Silky Smooth

    Washable Silk Flat Sheet

    Once you go silk, you might never go back. Lunya is a brand with a cult following thanks in large part its amazing silk clothing sets, but its recently launched bedwear is not to be missed. Now you can live out your dreams of lounging like an Old Hollywood heroine.


    Amazon’s #1

    Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set with 14” Deep Pockets

    At $15 and with 320,000 glowing reviews, it’s hard to deny these Amazon-favorite sheets.


    Best Bamboo

    Bamboo Sheet Set

    Oprah described these as the “softest EVER.” We can hear her voice ringing in our ears.


    For That Crisp Look

    Percale Sheet Set

    These percale sheets have a crisp finish, but according to some reviewers, they surprisingly don’t wrinkle easily. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on air.


    Our Favorite Duvet

    Softexture Duvet Cover

    As a firm believer that sheets should almost always be white, my search for the perfect duvet was exhausting. But I found the chicest, softest cover with Snowe Home. This luxurious textured finish is a step above a simple weave and looks like it belongs on an influencer’s feed that exclusively filters in VSCO.


    For the Ultimate Staycation

    Sheet Collection Created for Macy’s

    Not going on vacay anytime soon? Bring that four-star look to your own bedroom with Hotel Collection. For that pristine, turned-down look, make sure you check out this trusted brand.


    Flannel Fave

    Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

    “I’m just cozy, wrapped in a cocoon of luxury all night,” wrote one of the 600+ reviewers raving about L.L.Bean. This cult-favorite product is heralded as one of the finest, most affordable flannel sets on the market. There is some initial shedding after the first wash, but users promise that they get softer over time.


    Textured Cotton Set

    Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set

    Not all sheets need to be super smooth to be soft. Parachute’s cloud textile is a Turkish weave that adds an always welcome plushy feel to your bed.


    Best Organic Sheets

    Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheets


    The trouble with percale sheets is their tendency to wrinkle, but Coyuchi is embracing that broken-in look. Its organic sheets come with a transparent business model: You can trust that your sheets were made with environmentally and socially conscious practices.


    Best Linen Color Range

    100% Linen Sheet Sets

    I mean, just look at them!


    Millennial Cool

    Eucalyptus Sheets

    Buffy offers six items on their digital shelves because the brand aims to only deliver the best. One of those items is the eucalyptus sheet set; many claim this sustainable, natural fabric is more breathable than cotton and softer than linen, and its reviewers praise it for its ultra-cooling effects.


    Budget-Friendly Linen

    Cavallo Linen Sheet Set

    If you’re not looking to splurge on your next linen set, try Serena & Lily. Soft to the touch, unbelievably airy, and a fraction of the price of competing brands, this putty-toned chambray is the ultimate choice, not to mention the ultimate neutral.


    Best Affordable Cotton

    400 Thread Count Printed Performance Sheet Set

    Grab these on your next Target run. This 100 percent cotton sheet set comes in a wide range of colors and prints and is budget-friendly.


    The Ultimate Splurge

    Ultimate Sheet Set

    Frette is one of most luxurious bed brands, hands down, and it comes at a steep price. But if sleeping is your top priority and you have the cash to spare, it will deliver the best of the best.

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