Whether its fresh, prickly, or sparking; the presence of juicy pear notes in a fragrance allows it to hold its own against others. Pears bear a certain familiarity and attraction, evoking warmth and comfort while bringing unexpected zest to the table. It’s the sort of note that when worn “the right way,” makes heads turn. Discovering the right pear fragrance for you can be a game-changer. I’m a strong believer that once you’ve gained entry to the world of fruity fragrances that aren’t sweet or sugary, you’re here to stay. Luckily for you, I’ve scoured the internet and worn enough fragrances featuring pear notes to know how to recognize the ones that deserve your attention, and the those that don’t (as you already know, not all fragrances are created equal).

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to see which pear-scented fragrances have caught my eye and won me over with love at first sniff. 

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