Texas Gov. Greg Abbott confirms that 14 children and 1 teacher were killed in the Robb Elementary mass shooting.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported:

Wallace said, “Texas Governor Abbott has just confirmed that 14 children are dead. One teacher is dead. 14 children have died in the Texas city of Uvalde in a shooting. The 18-year-old suspect is described by law enforcement there as not at large.”

The United States has seen this horror before, and the nation needs to ask, how many more children are going to die at school before Republicans get out of the way and allow something to be done about mass shootings and gun violence in this country?

The problem is Republican obstruction.

Children are being sent to school by their families and never coming home again because Republicans value their interpretation of the Second Amendment more than they value the lives of children.

Sandy Hook didn’t break the obstruction. Parkland didn’t change their minds, so if Republicans won’t act after the Robb Elementary shooting, it is time for voters to elect people who will.

Fourteen children are dead because Republicans won’t stop enabling mass shooters.

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