I’m always in search of fresh summertime outfit inspiration (a white tank top and tailored linen trousers have been my go-to this summer so far), but now that we’re heading into July, it’s high time I shake things up in the sartorial department. More than anything, I’m looking for outfit ideas that not only feel of the moment but also make me feel great when I slip them on (spark joy, if you will!). Not always an easy feat when all you want to wear is the flimsiest of fabrics in the sweltering summer heat.

Who better to turn to for summer outfit inspiration than my fellow fashion editors who are always on top of the coolest shopping picks and trends? I always love to see what they’re wearing, buying, and lusting after from season to season‚ but most of all I’m keen on seeing their favorite summer outfits which make them feel good every time they catch a glimpse of themselves in their reflection! Keep scrolling to see nine Who What Wear editors share their ultimate summer outfits.

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