I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me motivated more than tracking down a rare or hard-to-find fashion item. Once I set my mind on buying something, I’ll open up countless tabs in my browser, scroll through pages upon pages, and even call around to nearby stores that might have what I’m looking for. Anyone with an obsessive tendency knows that there’s a certain thrill in the chase, and while sourcing these elusive fashion items might just be a hobby for some, like me, personal shoppers call it a full-time job.

Speaking of these personal shoppers, I caught up with three experts who have far more experience with sourcing sought-after fashion items than I do. I tapped Threads Styling Editor in Chief Rachel Ingram, luxury personal stylist Sherry Farrahi, and stylist and shopper Alexa Eshaghian to share which pieces their clients are after right now, and—spoiler—they’re really good. From the rare Chanel swimsuits to Prada’s trendy raffia totes, continue on to see why these 10 items are fashion’s most-wanted right now.

“The Cinderella shoe! Although these heels have been out for a while, I continue to see sourcing requests, particularly for the clear PVC ones, for weddings, galas, and special events. This shoe quickly became the It party shoe and continues to stay in the game with new colors released each season.” 

“Most-requested summer tote for the second year in a row. It really is the perfect vacation bag. It comes in a variety of colors, but the beige is the most-requested color I am asked to source,” said Farrahi. 

Eshaghian added, “A hot product these last few months has been the Prada raffia and net totes. These are all lightweight, easy to pack, great color variations and sizes for vacation. These bags are pretty accessible and are sold at a decent price. Personally, my favorite is the purple in the net bag—a lightweight, easy, and fun accessory for summer.”

“I started my own personal-shopping-and-styling business while I was at college in 2014,” says Alexa Eshaghian. “At the time, I was running a fashion jewelry business, Alex Mika, and was very into my own personal style.” It was this love for personal style and finding up-and-coming brands no one had yet heard of that inspired Eshaghian to create her Instagram, @styledbya, to document the outfits she was putting together, and through word of mouth and social media, she started racking up a roster of both individual and brand clients. Vintage has always been a passion of Eshaghian’s, and she particularly loves sourcing those harder-to-find pieces, from current-season Hermès bags or shoes to a vintage Fendi baguette bag.

“The It sandal of the season. At first, I saw these and didn’t fully understand the buzz. Once I got my hands on a rare suede pair, I realized what the hype was all about. They’re hard to find (which automatically entices everyone to hunt down a pair), they’re reasonably priced, fun to style, and comfy AF.”

“The hottest bag of the season award definitely goes to the mini Hermès Kelly. This bag is probably the hardest to get directly at any Hermès store, probably because of its rarity and also because of the nature of its production. It takes about 25 hours to make each Kelly with around 2600 hand stitches, which a lot of people may not even know! As such, Hermès makes any client work for the opportunity to be offered one at their store, even if they’re a frequent customer.”

“The famous maxi dress that immediately sold out once Kendall Jenner posted a photo wearing it. Loewe is one of my favorite brands currently because of their blend between classy Euro vibe meets NY street style. You can walk out of their store with a fun, flowy, colorful dress or a simple logo tank that completes any outfit.” 

“Chanel’s most recent collection featured two to three swimsuits, all of which were sold out before they even hit the floor. That being said, clients were chasing any size they could get their hands on and any color variation possible. The most popular was a two-piece swimsuit with a high-waisted bottom and a versatile top that could be worn as swim or for a night out.” 

As editor in chief of Threads Styling, the industry’s go-to personal shopping platform, Rachel Ingram is responsible for predicting the biggest trends and hottest-selling items and, of course, creating all the pretty content that the brand’s social accounts are known for. Before this role, Ingram had spent over 15 years working in the fashion industry as a Condé Nast fashion editor and Net-a-Porter styling lead, so she’s extremely well-versed in the world of luxury fashion.

“A classic yet elevated take on the loafer that is versatile and can shine in so many different wardrobes. Chanel launched the shoe in 2021 in black, and now bright colors are being released each season. They’ve become a wardrobe staple in many closets.” 

“If there’s a bag of the momen, it’s the Louis Vuitton nano Speedy. It’s so hard to track down and so in demand that we joke it’s harder to source than an Hermès Birkin. This bag speaks to that Gen Z ’90s/’00s trend of the moment, but it’s still a forever piece due to the classic monogram print and speedy shape.” 

“The hottest item of the season so far is the Saint Laurent quilted maxi tote. It’s chic, simple, elevated, and super practical. We helped Leonie Hanne source one recently and have seen demand skyrocket.” 

“Marie Lichtenberg’s necklaces are a fashion insider’s favorite and hardly stocked anywhere (or sold out before you can get them). We have amazing access, but even we can’t keep her lucky charm lockets in stock for long.”

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