“Confession: Even though I’m an editor who’s always keeping up with trends, I value sustainability over everything else in my wardrobe. So when my fellow editor Eliza pitched our try-on story for the month, I was pumped because I finally was going to get the chance to test-drive a brand I’ve loved for a long time: Brother Vellies. I love Aurora James’s accessory label because it champions African craftsmanship, ethical production, and sustainability; not to mention she’s also the founder of the 15 Percent Pledge, which has advocated for racial inclusion across the fashion industry. Basically, this brand is doing the damn thing, and that’s ever more apparent with its one-of-a-kind pieces. I landed on the Grandma Stell Mules and Lijadu Billfold bag, which was a great call because they’re easy to add to any ensemble. In terms of styling, I paired them with a secondhand off-white Fendi blazer I got from Thredup and a cute, pleated pale-blue miniskirt from Aritzia for a fun spring outfit. 

“What I loved about the Lijadu Billfold bag was that the first time I spotted it online and the first time I touched it in person elicited the same reaction from me: an audible gasp. Some designer bags are overhyped and not well-made, but that’s not the case with this one. Everything about this bag is perfect, from the wooden chain handle to the leather to the size. And the grandma mules? I felt like I was starring in Bridgerton. But the plot of my love story would be these shoes vexing me because I’m so in love with them and don’t own them. I am obsessive when it comes to heels, so the following statement should not be taken lightly: I’ve never loved a pair of shoes as much as these shoes. They’re super comfortable, the quality is phenomenal, and most importantly, they brought me so much joy when I was wearing them. Overall, I can say that after giving Brother Vellies pieces a spin, they’re not only worth every penny, but they serve as a reminder that shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be stuffy; it can be fun.” — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, editor

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