Pride comes before the ball.

Ballhawk Zack Hample is one of the baseball world’s most polarizing figures. The well-known collector has lived in infamy while gaining popularity over the years, with his collection of home run balls inching closer to 100 on Monday night.

During Monday night’s Giants vs. Phillies matchup, Hample tracked down a Brandon Belt home run ball, but instead of coming up with the dinger, he failed miserably, crashing and burning and eventually losing the ball to another fan.

Oh, so close.

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Hample, who famously took a seat at a Fort Bragg baseball game reserved only for military members, has a baseball collection that he claims to be more than 11,000. Devoted to his obsession, Hample was recently spotted at a Yankees game stealing a home run ball away from a younger fan after running down half a section to grab it.

Among Hample’s more “famous” exploits, he was locked in a feud with baseball personality Marlins Man a few years ago, stemming from the Fort Bragg incident.

You’re gonna have to be quicker than that, Zack.

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