Zachary Levi is reflecting on his road to healing following years of struggling with his mental health.

The Shazam! actor recalled to People how he “did not see reality correctly,” adding, “All I saw was doom and gloom, and I couldn’t find myself or find my way out of it.”

The 41-year-old continued, “Anybody looking from the outside might think, ‘This guy’s stoked. He’s been a lead on a TV show, he’s done Broadway and this and that—he’s checked off a lot of boxes.'”

But according to the actor, his status in Hollywood didn’t exempt him from struggles. Nowadays, Levi hopes his story can help others grappling with their mental health. “If I do nothing else in this world,” he told People, “I want people to understand that they are loved, that they are worthy of love and that they are worthy of investing in themselves.”

In his new memoir, Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others, the Chuck alum writes about his lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety, recalling that after moving from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas in 2017, he felt “hopeless and alone” and suffered a “mental collapse.”

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