Now that Bud Light is imploding under the weight of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, some American beer drinkers are trying out other brands.

One brand that’s getting a lot of attention is Yuengling, which happens to be America’s oldest brewery.

Yuengling seems to know that they have a huge opportunity to gain some serious market share because one of their recent tweets shows that they understand their customer base.

OutKick reports:


Yuengling — America’s oldest brewery — ain’t sitting idly by as Bud Light sinks like a brick. In fact, it appears the iconic beer wants a little of that $5 billion action that Anheuser-Busch lost this week.

In perfect passive aggressive fashion for 2023, Yuengling’s official twitter account was ready to pounce like a pack of wild wolves Friday afternoon.

Shortly after AB released an official statement in the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney fallout, Yuengling fired off its first tweet in a week with a simple message: we make good beer!

Check this out. Doesn’t this look like a good alternative to Bud?

Simple, American, and right to the point with no preachy politics.

You can watch a mini-documentary about Yuengling below:

Their sales are going to go up.

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