Asylum seekers barricade entrance with suitcases. Source: PA

On Thursday, dozens of ungrateful migrants staged an overnight protest at a budget hotel in London where they were staying because it did not meet their standards.

The group, consisting solely of adult men who arrived in Britain illegally in small boats, took to the street outside the $187-a-night Comfort Inn in Pimlico after being informed that they would have to share rooms, with four people sleeping in bunk beds.

All 25 individuals had previously been accommodated in a hotel in Essex, each having their own room with an en suite bathroom. However, upon arrival at the Pimlico venue, they were informed that they would have to share rooms with “smelly” communal bathrooms, prompting dissatisfaction among the group.

One Iranian man complained that the room space was inadequate for four people to sleep comfortably.

“They said we’re going to move you to another, better place. They gave us this postcode. When we checked on Google Maps, we said, oh this is very nice. But when you get in, it’s like a jail. And they treat you very, very bad. They treat you like an animal,” said a 21-year-old Iranian national told Telegraph.

“We are not kids, everybody had a private room. We need a private room. How do you live with four men?” said a 26-year-old African male.

Refusing the offer of government-funded accommodation, the migrants resorted to camping on the footpath outside the hotel, vowing to remain there until their demands for single rooms were met.

Zero Hedge reported that Nigel Farage’s Reform Party leader, Richard Tice, filmed an interview with an Iraqi migrant named Dia, who was protesting the living conditions.


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