The Nintendo Switch OLED model with white Joy-Cons is selling for $319.99, which is $30 off its usual price at stores. Woot’s sale is set to last for just 24 hours, or until supply gets gobbled up (it’s likely to happen). This model has Nintendo’s one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, so it’s no different than one you’d buy from other U.S. retailers.

The Switch OLED is the fanciest version of the popular handheld, with the highlight being its larger, more contrast-rich OLED screen (hence the name). As such, it’ll be the best screen to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on. It also brings improved audio, a more robust kickstand, and more internal storage (64 GB versus 32 GB in other models). In terms of features and power, it plays just like the normal Switch, and the Switch OLED is compatible with microSD cards if you need more space for game downloads.

While its perfectly capable on its own, there are several excellent accessories for the Nintendo Switch OLED that can really elevate your experience. We’ve dropped a handful of selections below, but feel free to check out our collection of the best Nintendo Switch accessories for more cool extras.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Switch Pro Controller offers HD rumble, motion controls, and amiibo support in addition to being one of the most comfortable Switch controllers out there.

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