Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison are confirming their romance in a fiery way.

The Yellowstone co-stars have revealed that their budding relationship is much more than just onscreen chemistry. In a photo shared to Ryan’s Instagram April 12, the two were seen sharing a kiss in front of an open flame, with actor captioning their PDA post, “More than a spark.”

As for Hassie’s reaction? She commented, “I love you, cowboy.”

And it’s safe to say that fans set the comment section of their sweet post ablaze, with one user writing, “I’m hearing hearts break around the world, mine included. In all seriousness, this makes my heart so happy and I’m glad you found love again! I can’t wait for the music that comes along with this!”

Added another, “When I first saw you guys on screen together I thought you guys were perfect. I’m rooting for you guys all the way!” Meanwhile, a third chimed in, “I mean how did I not know about this collab IRL.”

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