HILLSDALE – When trash is dumped in unwelcome areas, people take notice.

The Mrs. Stock’s Park workers have been alarmed and dismayed a few different times this summer to find yard debris and other things in the St Joe River alongside the park.

Committee member Louise Worms said the yard debris has been collecting in a couple of spots and is getting tangled.

“If it continues to accumulate it will interrupt the river’s flow,” she said. “We have also seen a lumber piece similar to a pallet in the river a couple of times.”

In connection with this, a few months ago several Hillsdale County organizations and groups were contacted by the South Bend, Indiana PBS station WNIT to participate in efforts to raise awareness of the St. Joseph River. A documentary featuring the St. Joe River is called “Then, Now and Always” and premiers at the Jonesville District Library at 5 p.m. Aug. 30.

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