I’m old enough to remember Y2K fashion the first time around. I can still vividly recall the cowl-neck black top I wore with my knee-length stonewash denim skirt and a choker for New Year’s Eve 1999. I loved that outfit at the time, and 14-year-old me was very happy about it, but I know there isn’t much from it I’d wear today. However, thanks to TikTok and the fact that the 2000s were 20 years ago, there is a current revival going on of everything related to Y2K fashion. According to a Stylight report, these turn-of-the-millennium trends are booming thanks to Gen Z discovering and showcasing them on TikTok. While I’m not keen to re-create much from my wardrobe from that era, there are plenty of other trends that still look good today.

I delved into the archives and dug up some of the best celeb outfits from that time to showcase just what I mean. While it might seem very particular, I’m looking at outfits from around the 1999/2000 mark, as this is the best way to find the most Y2K looks. I discovered that there are actually plenty of trends to wear today. I also found it interesting that fashion around the turn of the millennium wasn’t very extravagant. Pre–Lady Gaga (she released her first single in 2008), everything seems pretty low-key in regard to red carpet looks. This was also the time when Dawson’s Creek was big and The O.C. was far from hitting our screens. Late-’90s fashion still had its influence, but there was a newer, more polished look coming in, too. Keep scrolling to see the Y2K trends that still look good today.

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