The bob has never really gone out,” explains King. “From Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, to Blondie and her transitions of textured bobs, it’s always been around and has always been such a vocal point. All the way back to when Vidal Sassoon first cut it, it’s just made many alternations and variations along the way, but has been present in every era even prior to this.”

I nod enthusiastically in agreement, feeling smug with my freshly trimmed bob. “Also Julia Roberts’ 90’s curls in Pretty Women, right up to the current day where you’re seeing these textured, 70’s layered cuts. It can really encourage the curl into the hair and give it texture. With coily hair, it can define the coils and and give a beautiful shape and volume.”

Armed with King’s expertise and my own extensive research, I bring you 20 of the most classy and timeless haircuts to take on your next trip to the salon. Screenshot at the ready…

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