Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate President Biden, with no evidence that Biden did anything wrong.

Video of Issa:

Issa said on Fox News Sunday:

 Well, it’s got to be followed all the way back to the big guy, and that’s something where we’re going to need a special prosecutor. But we, in the meantime, we’re investigating it. We have the laptop, and the laptop is a treasure treasure-trove of obviousness. 

Direct communication between the president and his son, a good dive into just how sick and how drug-vulnerable Hunter Biden was. Some of the things he asked did. You know — he did. I don’t want to be unfair to him, but anyone who takes pictures of their drug stash then puts — and has it in their laptop is a person that has serious problems.

He did this while he was flying on Air Force Two. He had this while his father was helping make sure that his business deals went forward including, as you say, both eastern Europe, including Russia, including the mayor of Moscow’s wife and including China. And all this at a time in which he was so vulnerable because of his drug abuse that he’s exactly the kind of person you go after if you’re one of the agencies in China.

Republicans Are Running The 2016 Hillary Clinton Playbook On Joe Biden

The game plan is straight out of 2016. Republicans, if they win the House, are going to spend the next two years investigating Joe Biden with a fake scandal that they hope will damage his campaign for reelection.

The question is will the same stunt work against a white male incumbent president when much of the tactic used against Hillary Clinton appears to have been effective because it played into the sexism and animosity of many against having the first woman president.

Darrell Issa couldn’t name anything that Biden did wrong. The Republican scandal is a sham, they are going to try it again to get Trump back in the White House.


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