The irony is rich with Democrat Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, who this week released his first TV ad that discusses rising costs – while neglecting to mention that these problems were created by the leaders of his party.

While it makes sense that Democrats want to campaign like Republicans amid 2022’s political climate and with Joe Biden’s historic unpopularity, the fact remains that Joe Biden and Democrats are to blame for record-high inflation with nearly everything getting more expensive:

  • BarnesLasryGodlewski, and Nelson all supported Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion boondoggle that even liberal economists have said “will go down in history as an extraordinary policy mistake.”
  • Tony Evers tried to raise the gas tax, but was stopped by Republicans in the Legislature. Now, he and Mandela Barnes want to gut Wisconsin’s energy industry.
  • Barnes and others continue to point fingers on “corporate greed” and Russia, but inflation started long before the war – it started when Biden took office and began his wasteful spending spree.

“Wisconsin Democrats are joining Joe Biden in lying about their record and shifting the blame on inflation, but Americans know that Democrat policies are to blame for skyrocketing costs.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella

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