MADISON, Wis. – Days after the Republican Party of Wisconsin failed to come together to endorse a candidate for governor, Tim Michels is being pulled further to the right on the fabricated problem of election integrity.

Michels, who earlier said he wanted to fire the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), the bipartisan group charged with overseeing Wisconsin’s elections, now has reversed his position and says he wants to dissolve the commission completely. Michels’ reversal came ahead of the WEC vote tonight.

This latest flip puts Michels in line with the radical positions of Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, and Tim Ramthun who all want to get rid of the WEC and is the most recent  example of the Republicans leapfrogging over one another to pander to the far right fringes of the party. In a clearly politically motivated announcement, Michels claims he changed his opinion on the WEC following a conversation with Bob Spindell. While Spindell is a fake 2020 Trump elector who is running to head the WEC, he actually wants to maintain the commission.

All four of the Republican gubernatorial candidates have embraced lies about the 2020 election and Wisconsin’s administration of the election. Kleefisch has called the 2020 election in Wisconsin “rigged” and encouraged violence against election officials. Today, she announced her support for fake-Trump elector Bob Spindell to head the WEC.

Nicholson has continually cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election and voiced his desire to dismantle the WEC in order to put partisan politicians in charge of election administration. Tim Ramthun’s entire campaign is based around illegally decertifying the 2020 election, and Tim Michels previously said “maybe” the election was stolen and “President Trump probably would be president right now if we had election integrity.”

“Like every Republican in this primary, Tim Michels will say or do anything to prove he’s the most radical candidate. After embracing the other candidates’ radical views on elections, it’s clear that Tim Michels is listening to GOP insiders, not Wisconsinites,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “You have to wonder, who are these candidates really working for: Wisconsin or the ultra-MAGA wing of the Republican party?”

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