We aren’t made for a world without Ray Romano on Made for Love.

During the penultimate episode of season two of the HBO Max science fiction series, viewers watched as Herbert (Romano), who had stopped his cancer treatment, passed away while camping with daughter Hazel (Cristin Milioti). Well, the artificially intelligent version of Hazel who had taken over the real Hazel’s body.

This is important to mention, as, when Hazel reclaimed control of her body from Other Hazel, she learned that Herbert’s consciousness was also stored at Gogol. So, we couldn’t help but wonder, Could we get an A.I. version of Herbert or Other Herbert in season three?

For answers, we turned to Milioti, who told E! News, “I would say stay tuned to find out? You can put that question mark on there too, because it’s a question.”

While the Made for Love star didn’t have a concrete update to share, she did note that the status of Herbert’s consciousness does “definitely open up a world of both exciting and disturbing possibilities.”

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