The verdict is in: Ronald Gladden really is that nice. 

When Jury Duty premiered April 7 on Amazon Freevee, viewers had three questions: 1. Is this real? 2. Was James Marsden really in Sonic the Hedgehog? and 3. Who the heck is juror No. 6? The answer: A 30-year-old San Diego-based project manager who applied on Craigslist to be a part of what he believed to be a documentary about jury duty.

In reality—or, technically, faux-reality for Ronald—he was unknowingly setting himself up to become the hero of the mockumentary show that has restored some of the Internet’s faith in humanity. While the rest of the jurors may have been trained performers, Ronald’s kindness and patience throughout the 17-day filming process was anything but an act, with viewers swooning (and, in some cases, definitely thirsting) over his humble demeanor, sincere approach to the fake trial and his empathy towards his fellow jurors. (We’ll get to that iconic A Bug’s Life scene, don’t you worry.) And, yes, his 6-foot-6 stature is basically icing on the cake.

Basically, if there was an Emmy for America’s Sweetheart, Ronald would be sweeping the floor with the competition. If there were a presidential election held tomorrow, Ronald could very well be a nominee with his beloved corgi meatball as his running mate. 

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